Harsh noise on C/Site Recordings is a bit of an anomaly. But so too is a harsh noise project named in reverence of a V-3 D-Side. Matt Paolillo, AKA Kodak Fire, came onto the New Haven experimental scene as a high schooler in 2010. A patron of Popeye’s Garage, groundzero for all things noise in New Haven at that time, Paolillo cautiously asked to play a gig after months of regular attendance. He made his debut as the opener on a stacked bill, nervously setting up a simplistic noise-making apparatus, quietly announcing his intention to begin playing and proceeding to completely flay the ears and minds of every audience member with a refined, wise-beyond-his-years sonic assault. Since that day Paolillo has been a fixture of noise, and music in general, in New Haven, with numerous projects that run a wide range of sounds and styles. Most notably his rhythmic and entrancing experimentation as Tick Hive and as the ultra prolific leader of lo-fi rockers Shirese. However, it is as Kodak Fire that Paolillo shines his brightest. Harkening back to that very first gig, Kodak Fire produces deliberate and intentional swells of chaotic, misanthropic aural warfare. The incorporation of heavy machinery (industrial saws, law mowers, steel rebar, etc.), alongside suitcases full of reel-to-reel tape and modified electronics allows Kodak Fire to deliver a concrete fist of deeply original, soul decimating savagery. Limited edition of 50.