Sneaky second collaboration cassette release from Nagual and Stefan Christensen. Nagual (David Shapiro and Ian McColm) have existed in the noise underground for some years now - with releases on Ergot, Cabin Floor Esoterica, and Pidgin, amongst others. In Fall 2016 the duo were recording new music in New Haven and invited Christensen to join the session. What came out was a blast of long form feedback and drone, which was released on cassette on Massachusetts label Gilded Throne in early 2017; with a weekend of shows and another recording session to go along with it. From the session side A was born and from the trio’s show in Belchertown, MA side B was born (recorded by Mike Barrett). Not for the weak willed, II, digs deep into extended improvisation and brings to mind Christensen’s previous work in Secret Treaties, Twisted Village’s twisted trio Heathen Shame, or perhaps even touches of influence from Borbetomagus. All performers play guitar, though not always how you might expect.This cassette was produced for another weekend long tour but is now available to the masses. Limited to 75 copies.