Alexander brings another set of recordings from yet another address he briefly lived and worked. This time he finds himself on Orchard Street, skirting the line between the Edgewood and Newhallville neighborhoods of New Haven - The Tribe to those familiar with the breakdown of the cities many micro-neighborhoods. Much like his previous Ridge Rd. (C/S010) cassette, this tape features a side of electric and a side of acoustic guitar playing, perhaps striking some balance between the two adjoining neighborhoods he was residing at the time of these recordings. Barren, stark and foreboding, Orchard St. is a moody, concise piece of home-recording that serves as the perfect addendum to his new self-released, studio recorded album. The sounds of a house lived in establish further the almost voyeuristic tone of these pieces, as Alexander plucks away repetitively - taking the listener to a state of pure reflection and contemplation.