C/S013 XWAVE "S/T" C45

Unadulterated dirge, scuzz, and weirdness from members of XNoBBQX, Sun of the Seventh Sister, Love Chants and an endless list of others. XWave continues the thug punk tradition from Australia – harnessing the attitude of bands like feedtime and 3 Toed Sloth, while adding their own notions of noise, improvisation and ineptitude. At times reminiscent of Japanese Minor scene acts like Kousokuya or Gaseneta, and even bringing to mind the chopped electronics of Lighthouse-era Shadow Ring (although that comparison tends to end abruptly with a barbaric thud on the floor tom to cue another fuzzed out bass line). Punishing, menacing and unkind, for over a decade XWave has abused strings and skins alike – pounding out a nervous breakdown, just as much as they shout about it. Limited to 75 copies.