xNOBBQx is a nearly impossible band to pin down. For over a decade they have been making a racket down in the Southern Hemisphere. Their earliest output, like their Siltbreeze released long-player, Sunshine Of Your Love, has a frantic element, everything in the red, and nothing but wild, recklessness. Though Nick Dan still bashes the drums, and Matthew Earle still hums, thuds, and buzzes the guitar, more recent releases have seen the band refine the sound into more hypnotic, albeit divisive, tunes. And perhaps divisive is the word for their style of music; for every possible melody the listener thinks they have discovered the clang-and-smack of the next moment erases it as quickly as it appeared. And for every possible point of reference the listener elicits, an abrupt conclusion wipes away the very notion of influence. xNOBBQx are a stunning band, who have captured audiences around the globe with their unique take on rock music. C/Site is very proud to bring a rare stateside release, not to mention the bands first since 2014. Ready yourself for the 46-minute journey of Alpha-Gal, in all its tape warbled goodness.