Since debuting in 2008 on HoZac Records Mikey Hyde’s Medication has been a powerful voice of outsider punk. 2011 saw the release of the expertly crafted Judgment Day EP on Sacred Bones, and since then it has been relatively quiet. With the exception of Home Truths, an extraordinarily limited cassette released for a European tour with Nerve City in 2014, Medication has not had a release since. Those who know Hyde do not find this out of the ordinary. A true outsider and occasionally neurotic individual, Hyde takes time to form his recordings; and thank God he does. Daily Affirmations showcases more of Hyde’s unique song writing and guitar playing. Sometimes driving and electric, other times whimsical and acoustic, and always with a remarkable sense of melody through the hazy bathroom echo, Daily Affirmations shows an artist unbound by conventions, with his feet firmly planted to display his sole and solitary voice.