On a tour in 2011 Aaron Skufka first played me Oil Wave Surfers. Unsure if the recordings were truly as profound as I had initially thought or if Milwaukee’s free flowing Blatz tap lines had skewed my 3AM perceptions, I asked Skufka to send the recordings. Upon less inebriated inspection I found the recordings to be stunning. A beautiful melding of synths, guitars, and simple, minimalist effects, Oil Wave Surfers – II weaves it’s way through 15 concise and poignant instrumental tracks. Wonderfully crafted, the album flows from Siltbreeze-esque weirdness to Kraut-Rock jamming, blasts of feedback to driving raw punk-ness. Fast forward 5 years and Oil Wave Surfers – II came to mind immediately when starting C/Site. And upon convincing Skufka of the idea, found out the recordings are actually from 2006. So now a decade after the fact the world can finally hear the power of Oil Wave Surfers. Beautiful artwork provided by Josh Feigert of Wymyns Prysyn and Uniform makes Oil Wave Surfers – II a truly gorgeous package.