After the demise of long running punk outfit Estrogen Highs (Trouble in Mind Records), Stefan Christensen has soldiered on with an outpouring of solo recording. 2015 saw him self-release Israel (It’s More of the Same), with Night People Records reissuing the cassette early in 2016. Continuing where Israel… left off, Empty Continents sees Christensen moving into ever more experimental territory, while still maintaining his signature understated song-writing style. With these recordings Christensen moves seamlessly between short solo tracks, long form noise and weirdness, full band jamming, and off kilter pop gems. This album may bring to mind names like Alastair Galbraith, Jim Shepard, Michael Morley, and Peter Jefferies but it’s Christensen’s own voice that shines through so brilliantly. With his new C/Site Recordings label up and running 2016 promises to be a big year with many more recordings to come.